Small Pleasures


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released May 9, 2011



all rights reserved


BANGERS Cornwall, UK

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Track Name: Making Friends
How could any conscientious sole with a brain to call it's own give in to nesting instinct for a night and say "Baby I'm so bored, why don't we create a life? We're so bad at making friends I think that we should make our own." We're hopelessly devoted to this old ideal that distance and procreation's progress. It's maybe just the fear talking. I'm so terrified that we'll all age and we'll all die that I don't know what I'd say if I was asked "Dad it seems so futile, why should I do anything?" I fear that I'd just shrug cause I'm still asking the same question.
Track Name: Wild Times, Outrageous Lies
In the coldest city on earth I started thinking about those corridors and stairs again and drank myself wretched. I woke up in a dorm between a girl and a boy, she said my feet were warm and he got up and he slept on the floor. We talked about starting a new band, 'til I realised "I've got somewhere to be, man". I met an old ex-patriot feeling down on his way to work. I said "The difference between late nights and early mornings is all in your mind" he gave me a joint which I politely declined cause I was too wild to be getting high. He told me that the difference between being old and young has never been what it seems. So why do we worry about ourselves when there's some small worth in everything else? I told her I felt empty, she said "You look half full to me" and I was so relieved that she'd come to fetch me cause I didn't feel quite so wild anymore.
Track Name: Church Street In Ruins
Hearing the Beach Boys playing on this rainy high-street makes me chuckle at the amount of surf shops here. I've tried, there's just no waves in this town. Just more coffee shops that we could ever hope to drink in and I don't care how cheap their drinks are, I'm better off at home. I kind of find it offensive that everything's for sale, coupled with the realisation that there's nothing here I need. It's strange, I don't hate my job and I'm not living on the breadline, but spending money still seems strange to me. On the plus side when I'm outside I repeat mantra-like "The last thing I need is any more things".
Track Name: Every Night's A Date Night
I get it, life's too long to spend on anybody and too short to sit still so why don't we just take it as it comes?
Bachelor talk on the town as we discuss our sexual letdowns. "She's so lifeless she could have been the working week" he said and sipped his tiger. I countered "You're a poet sir" but without a smile cause I'm so tired. He likes to sample every art form, just like he doesn't have a girlfriend. But I know, I'm sad to say, more than one or two who thought that they were more than just a seven day distraction and that's always sad to see. You're moving north before the new year if that isn't just an idea with your mouth open. This town won't be the same without your poetry and your every-night's-a-date-night-here mentality, but I guess we'll soldier on.
Track Name: The Love Nest
Remember the first house that we both lived in? It wasn't a home to anyone. We locked ourselves up, we were newly in love, and never talked to anyone else. We couldn't wait to get out. With the back door open I'd blow smoke at spiders, just to watch them spin around. And at 4 in the morning, get back into bed with you and wait for tomorrow. We couldn't wait to get out. So hold out, impatience lets our guard down.
Track Name: Integral Faults
That day we broke those handcuffs, did it make me more or less a sexual revolutionary? Or did it just prove that nothing holds out and nothing seems to do the one thing it was designed for anymore? I wish just once I had a bed that didn't squeak or a door that blocked the sound out. And didn't life seem simpler when I didn't own much and wasn't so obsessed with function function function? Cause everything I own gets lost or broken, just like money never last quite as long as it was supposed to. I wish just once I had a job that paid the rent and left enough time to make living worthwhile. And maybe free electricity, or an honest phone company, or a bank that saved my money, or anything really free or anything useful, or the skills to fix anything I own.
Track Name: Irritants
On my return to work I was asked the age-old question "How was your holiday?" I said it was much like being drunk if you're a glass of water which earned one laugh and two empty stares and that's nothing new to me. Is that completely nonsensical? Is there any worth in playing games with words or am I just a fucking irritant? One empty stare said "You know, sarcasm's the lowest form of wit" and I said "Hey, I'm paraphrasing science-fiction here. I'm re-imagining the world with metaphor and imagery. So you can take sarcasm like a broken toy and maybe hide it with your sense of humour."
"You're wasting all my time" he said.
Track Name: Geeks and Paedophiles
My computer broke down again and I'm sure there's too much money to be made for it to be something simple, and it's such a fucking waste of my time. And how convenient, the warranty went out of date a month ago. The professionals say "What do you expect mate? You should have paid for our protection." And I hate that we can tell an Apple owner by their dress code, cause products have always bred fashion and the fashionable. The kind of people who'd say "Advertising's the only real art form these days" when an actual human being would say "That shit just gets in my way." So thanks a lot Bill. You really got me this time.
Track Name: Wizard Wise
We've all got letters after our names, and speaking for myself well they just feel like letters. And what do letters do except for bring bad news? We're stuck living in this moment of shirts-back-on with beer soaked torsos and empty eyes, we know we've taken our youth for granted so now we over-rate it. I make no secret that I love this time of year with the sea still warm and the tourists just a memory, if we never leave maybe we'll never grow up. But staying here won't keep us younger, we've got the sense to say it, the two are not connected. And my Dad taught me all about the 6 P's 'Perfect Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Presentation' and though I know he's wizard-wise how could we ever be prepared or be expected to be when we're the oldest now that we ever have been?
Track Name: A New Raymondo
I saw a picture of your son, not lying in a basket but standing, holding your hand. And it made me feel old, but you've got 4 months on me and you're still accelerating. And I know a secret that I think would make you laugh, but we haven't talked in almost 2 years now. And Tokyo might as well be Neptune for all the plans I have to go there so promise me you'll come back if only in 10 years. Your kids can baby-sit mine and we'll go out on the water. We'll emulate our parent's drinking, well maybe mine cause yours were more wild than we've ever been, and yes I've heard about your sexual things and I'm yet to tell you mine. But you know we can't compete. Your family blew my mind and I'm sure your new one will.